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Scientific activities of the Department are focused on a broad spectrum of issues of nuclear power engineering. They cover theoretical and experimental reactor physics, safety of nuclear facilities or computational tools for nuclear reactor analyses. The Department staff is also concerned with advanced nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel cycles, spent nuclear fuel, and design and test control and safety systems of nuclear reactors. Finally, the Department members study thermohydraulics of nuclear reactors and thermomechanics of nuclear fuels.

Further, the department organises utilisation of the VR-1 training reactor. The reactor is used in the education of students from the faculty as well as from another ca 12 faculties in the Czech Republic. Technical visits are organised for high school students. Regularly, reactor physics courses are organised for foreign universities. As, well training courses for NPP staff are being carried out.


Department Inventory

department operates several laboratories and is equipped with vast experimental devices,detectors tools and sources. In additional to experimental facilites, Department of Nuclear Reactors operates large computer cluster dedicated to nuclear reactor related calculations.

Research fields

Scientific activities can be divided in following areas. Most of them are supported by experimental activities at VR-1 reactor.