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Department of Nuclear reactors offers Internship and Training in fields related to nuclear reactors, detection, proliferation, nuclear materials, nuclear safety, nuclear security and others. Hands on Internship program is tailored to participant background and needs. Every year, approximately 3 to 5 nuclear engineering internships are hosted by the Department. Internship length vary from few weeks up to one year. Interns have usually background in nuclear, however interns for safeguards are often with non-engineering background, so engineering background is not required.

Areas offered

Areas offered corresponds to our reseach areas described in R&D page. Following list presents examples of areas that hosts interns most often:

  • reactor core calculation
  • nuclear safety and security/safeguards
  • reactor core design
  • nuclear material proliferation
  • nuclear materials
  • detector design
  • radiation detection

How to apply

The internship capacity for summer 2023 is full. Please register for future years at this link. Selection for summer 2024 will take place at the beginning of February, please submit applications by the end of January.


Students are usually paid by stipend from home institution, EU or other sources. However, this matter is very individual. For more details, please contact our internship coordinator.