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Na uvedené akce lze získat financování cestovného z ENEN+:
RosatomTech Train-the-trainers course on VVER1200, June-July 2019
The train-the-trainers course for university faculty members “Technological Aspects of AES-2006 (VVER-1200). Development of Nuclear Curricula on VVER Technology” organized by Rosatom Tech on June 24th – July 05th, 2019 in Russia (Obninsk and St. Petersburg).
5 (five) European attendants can be enrolled through the ENEN Plus project with a mobility support of 1200 Euros.
SARNET SA Course, September 2019
Severe Accident Phenomenology 2019 Short Course in Cadarache France on 9-14 September 2019.
The ENEN plus project will provide mobility support and partial support of the registration fee.
BME Summer school for B.Sc. students at BME, July 2019
The ENEN+ Summer School on Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Waste Management and Radiation Protection takes place on 1-5 July 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.
The registration can be made at:
The ENEN Plus project will provide a support of 500 euros for each one of them.
Information about COAUTHOR initiative (COnsortium of Academics from Universities promoting the use of THORium)
The idea of COAUTHOR is to promote the utilization of thorium in nuclear reactors and associated fuel cycle. The chairman of MoU is prof. José Rubens Maiorino from Federal University of ABC-Center of Engineering and Applied Social Science (UFABC-CECS). The COAUTHOR is going to be formalized during ICENES 2019 in Indonesia (see attachment). Further information about COAUTHOR is available at the following link:
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